It's Not Quite a Walk in the Park

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I’m in the process of organising another event for the summer that might be more to the taste of the armchair fan. On Saturday 28th May, I will be doing the 50km walk along the Thames path from Lechlade back to Oxford. Thus far, about ten people have suggested they’d like to join me, and anyone else who fancies doing it is more than welcome to come along.

I anticipate covering the distance in about six and a half hours, but, for those of you with a gentler approach to life, there are plenty of good pubs along the way. In the coming weeks, I will be drawing up and posting out some sponsorship forms for those who want to take part. Drop me a mail if you want to join us.


BigCalm said...

50km in 6 and a half hours? You're joking right? At a reasonable walking pace of 4mph (which is pretty fast - a slow jog is about 6mph) it'll take you a shade under 8 hours. I anticipate that the last 12 miles will be a beast, but you'll get there! Good luck!

The Doctor said...

In training I did a 25k walk in four hours - but that included some monstrous inclines, groups of rowdy teenage boys and no clear sense of the route through the Hants countryside. I am hoping to get through the 50km in under 8 hours, but I doubt whether this will be sufficient to defeat the Ultimate Triathlete.