Thursday, March 10, 2005

Look how weird their clothes were in 2004! And the hairstyles!

Inspired by a request from BBC Nottingham for some sporty photographs (they’re going to cover my trip to the National Water Sports Centre in April and want something to flesh out the story), I have spent most of this evening taking photographs of the TV. Before I got the hang of using Hello to post pictures on here, all I had was the trusty video recorder.

Having e-mailed the pictures to my contact in Nottingham, I thought it might be nice to lace them into their relevant entries. So take a trip down memory lane and revisit the badminton (singles, doubles and mixed doubles) and the table tennis (the failed attempt to play the singles, and the doubles).

I’m off to South Africa tomorrow. Big thanks to Phil from BBC Nottingham (who is officially the 17th best mini-golfer in Britain) for expressing an interest in what’s going on here and sending me off on my holidays with a big Olympian smile on my face.


SwissToni said...

everyone in Nottingham is like that you know.

Really - they are!

Statue John said...

Everyone in Nottingham is good at mini golf?

Master Foley said...

very cool
sorry i havent been around in awhile