Missing In-action

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

“It is wonderful how much news there is when people write every other day; if they wait for a month, there is nothing that seems worth telling.”

O. Douglas – Penny Plain (1920)

And so it is that I’m sitting here in my study staring at the screen and wondering what to tell you. I have excuses for my absence, as always, but mostly you’ve heard them before, if not from me then from some other wannabe athlete with too great a liking of strong drink.

Sobell House are trying to get thirty people together to run next year’s (London) marathon. You have to enter before 21st October using a form in one of the official magazines. If you get in and want to run for Sobell House with me and several other suckers who have already said they’ll do it, e-mail me and I’ll get your name on the list.

Inspired once more by panic and a large dose of fear, I have been training twice already this week. Hopefully, over the coming days, I will also get back into the habit of boring you all silly with my nonsense.


Statue John said...


Welcome back,
Mr Mac,
We've missed you in the land of blog,
Look forward to the reports of you training like a dog.

Anonymous said...

You've got a study? How posh is that? I bet even Redgrave (Steve not Vanessa) has one of those.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back as well

John said...

If I were to sell the house I'd call it a study - but really, with the state it's currently in, 'dumping ground' might be a better description.

adem said...

Good to see that you're back.

I want to hear of more events completed!

I've always been a fan of the drawing room...how posh.

John said...

Ah yes, the drawing room - one of the lesser known and under-appreciated Olympic events in which teams of three must lounge around, spread the Sunday papers all over the room, and eventually physically wrestle for control of the TV remote.

It's on the programme again for 2012 after a 16 year absence. I for one am thrilled - as are the rest of my drawing room team.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard the return was destined for the 2016 Belfast Olympics and not the inaccurate inclusion in the 2012 Olympics. It's going to be done in the same venue as the Joyriding and Stoning OAP's. We're very versatile in Belfast. You're auld mucker