Robin Who?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The first test match of the summer started at Lords today. In a little over six years, that famous old cricket ground will play host to the 2012 Olympic archery events. Slightly sooner than that (a week tomorrow in fact) Witney Rugby Club will have a similar honour when it plays host to me having a go at archery, thanks to Barry Groves, of the Windrush Bowmen, who has offered to show me through the basics.

From our brief conversation on the phone, I’d say he’s not expecting me to be able to hit the target at all from 70 metres. I suspect he might be right. Will (Clapton, not Scarlet) is going to come along to act as a witness and hopefully capture some footage on the night. In the meantime, I will be spending as much time as I can in the pub playing darts to get my eye in.

A proper update, including the latest on the (improving, but not yet recovered) knee will follow soon – but for now, I’m spending so much time at work that the last thing I want to do when I get home at night is turn on another computer.


Anonymous said...

Who is this maid(not Marion)?

Does Barry realise he's not only going to be dealing with Will (not Scarlet) but also John (definitely not Little)?
GREAT to have news from you again.
thought you really HAD given up!!

Good luck with the archery and continued good recovery of the knee.

John said...

That's Alison Williams, Britain's top lady archer no less.

Anonymous said...

Champion she may be---but I wouldn't be fighting you for one of those seats behind the targets!
Thought she might have been "Robin" red(strap across the)breast.Does this also mean that Lord Jeffrey's "fragrant" wife has been demoted? wowo

John said...

Put the bottle down and step away from the computer.

adem said...

If you're practicing with darts at the pub, maybe your next challenge should be the javelin? The same thing really, but just on a larger scale.....