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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rather than weave these into the previous post, I thought I'd save you all the trouble of going looking for the shots of me and the boys in our swimming trunks. Brace yourselves.

Fighting fit and ready to go - three days later and the only bit of me that's still sore is the bridge of my nose - note to self: don't buy new goggles the day before you go for a 3 hour swim session. With feet that big, I should have been quicker. Still, nice tan, eh?

Not unlike Eric Moussambani, my diving wasn't ideal. I think I spent the first twenty metres after this one trying to work out if I was in too much pain to continue with the race. I braved it out in the end. I know they're closer to the camera than the rest of me, but I've never noticed just how ridiculously big my feet are. Sideshow Bob-tastic!

Introducing Mr David Hockney on Fuji Finepix... nice work, Mr H.

They say the camera never lies, but I assure you I was trying a lot harder than this photo makes it look like I am. The vent on the right of shot is where they let the sharks out when you're not looking.

The relay team of the gods - from left to right: Mildly Embarrassing McClure, Doggy Paddle Diogo, Iron Mike Butterfly & Blistering Backstroke Ben. I can assure you that the pool at Crystal Palace is not on a slope - the only man we could find to take our picture had a worn down wooden leg.

There is some video to come, but I'm still working on the technical glitches.


Sarah said...

Now, now enough boasting about the size of your feet, Mr Mac....

NoRockets said...

I *knew* they let sharks out of those vents! In the dive pool I spent most of my summers in as a kid, the vents were half way up the wall of the very steep walls and caused me to leave the water almost as quickly as I'd dived into it every single time - complete with fist clutching borderline panic every time.

These photos are fantastic. I have saved the podium photo and it is now my work computer wall paper - people think i'm perving boys-in-togs but i'm really celebrating your achievements.

no, really, I am!

NoRockets said...

oh.. wait.. i'm norockets (new blog name is sticking) it's me: Michelle.

okay? ok.
thejamjar.com not norockets.com.. well .. not yet, anyway.

Anonymous said...

All you need now is a nice pair of jandals to go with your togs (norockets will get it). Well done!

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