Treadmill Tapdance

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All work and no pointless sport make John a dull Olympian. I’m hoping that will all change in the near future - I’ve finished a large project at work that has been hanging over my head all year, and some tentative visits to the gym of late have confirmed that whatever was wrong with my (supposedly ‘good’) knee seems to have gone away again.

In the meantime, to give you a flavour of how I like to dress and behave in the aforementioned gym, here is the video for OK Go’s single Here it Goes (with thanks to all the people who saw it, thought of me for some reason, and e-mailed the link).

Next week, The Kings of Leon Greco-Roman wrestling.


adem said...

I saw that video a while back and it's very funny, although it must have taken a while to choreograph.

Paul said...

I hate to think how many outtakes they must have.

Odds on there being at least one where the bald guy gets headbutted between the legs.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for that.

(I'm commenting anonymously because I've upgraded to Beta Blogger and now I can't comment on your old-fashioned blog).

- Amateur

Anonymous said...

L'idée qu'on puisse passer tout ce temps à mettre au point quelque chose d'aussi farfelu me plait beaucoup.

Bonne chance pour la suite.

AnSo, de retour en un morceau ;-)

John said...

Passer du temps à mettre au point quelque chose farfelu?

C'est une concept original; peut-être je l'essaierai.

(Glad you made it back en un morceau!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah---your father's on those beta bloggers since his heart attack!!You should see him go at the gym with his personal trainer!! maybe you are a chip off the old beta block yourself John! great blog!!wowo