More Triathlon Photos

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sorry to keep banging on about it, but I thought you might want to see what the pros from managed to produce on race day. If you want a copy of any of them, let me know and I'll deride you in public whilst laughing a lot.

Never has one man been so pleased to get out of a wetsuit.

I spotted the man with the camera slightly too late to stop pulling a face.

I wasn't smiling the whole way round, see?

The lady with the camera said "Smile!" - this was the best I could manage.

Kev Game from Sobell House - 3 hours, five minutes, thirteen seconds. Git.


Rufus fan said...

All very nice n'that (and I'd say you're entitled to go on about it for a god whlie yet), but I reckon that Swiss bloke did a better job.

Mind you - how did they know those photos were you, when your number wasn't showing?

John said...

I'd have to agree - he's got a good eye for a classy photo - just a shame about the subject he had to work with.

My number was on a sticker on my swimming hat and on two more (orange) stickers on my my bike and helmet. Besides, I was mostly travelling so slowly, the photographers would have had time to ask me and then make a note had any confusion arisen.

NoRockets said...

damn.. i was going to steal those photos but for the clever watermarking!!

John said...

The views expressed in comments posted to this blog do not necessarily represent the views of this or any other Olympian.

But yeah, I was surprised they hadn't right-click disabled them (not hat I don't know my way around THAT little trick).

SwissToni said...

my camera is a whole lot more portable than the things they were lugging around too *and* they had a team of photographers just sat in strategic places taking pictures. Muggins here had to dash around between parts of the course, and squint at people in black neoprene or zooming past on bikes to try and pick out our hero.

I was quite pleased, to be honest, and I hope our man is too.

To him - gratis. How much do this lot charge?