Patron Patten

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"I went to the doctor, I said 'It hurts when I do that...'".

Thanks to Kev Game from Sobell House, my latest co-conspirator, the Ultimate Olympian now has its first official patron. Lord Patten of Barnes is the Chancellor for the Universities of Newcastle and Oxford and has offered his support to the cause. He’s a very busy man, so I don’t expect he’ll be putting himself up for the anchor leg in the 4 X 100m relay team or anything, but hopefully with his help I can scrounge some help from some of the university sports clubs.

His wikipedia entry is very amusing, not least because the fact that he was once Minister for Overseas Development reminded me of one of my favourite Monty Python sketches. I’ve never met him, but he’s clearly a nice man. Hong Kongers gave him an affectionate nickname (the first and last governor to be afforded this honour) based on his rotund figure and an alleged predeliction for egg tarts.

So, “Fat Patten”, we salute you and thank you for your support.