Live Wrong

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

For some time now, I’ve been wearing my yellow Lance Armstrong Foundation Live Strong armband. It struck me that perhaps the Ultimate Olympian should be offering a similar product in its pursuit to raise money for the Sobell House Hospice Charity.

A design team of thousands has been working day and night for weeks now and finally are very proud to present the Ultimate Olympian Live Wrong armband.

Inspired by Lance’s admirable notion that we ought to all be “living every minute of our lives with every ounce of our beings”, this armband is a way to show your support even if you prefer to waste whole hours of your life adding whole pounds to your being by sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating sticky buns.

The Live Wrong armband is made from a genuine rubber band (acquired by our purchasing department from the exclusive merchants WH Smith) and features a hand-rendered inscription in black biro - it is guaranteed to fall apart within days and will most likely snap the first time you snag it on something. Furthermore, the biro has a tendency to rub off fairly soon after you put the armband on your wrist.

To get hold of your very own Live Wrong armband, send your name and postal address to and promise me that you will follow this link and pledge some money to the Sobell House Hospice charity (and then e-mail me again and tell me how much you gave you them so I can keep track).

As an added incentive, the first three orders will win a signed copy of the Oxford Mail article from yesterday!


Meredith said...

Bwahaha. I love it! One of my co-workers wears the original bracelet all the time, and it never matches his clothing!

Jay said...

i'm selling obligatory paperclips with a unique bent end that powers. clip it on your shirt. boom, x-ray vision. you'll love it. $1,000 each.