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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Next time, I must remember to give the interviewer the address of this site, and also to tell everyone they can call me John (instead of “Mr McClure” or “Economist”). For those of you not lucky enough to live within the Oxford Mail’s circulation area, I present (in all its original glory) a transcript of the biggest story on page eight of today’s newspaper:

By Jo Duckles

AN ECONOMIST is set to try every Olympic sport to raise funds for Oxford’s Sobell House hospice.

John McClure, was watching this year’s Olympics when his wife Katie pointed out that she could be the world’s greatest pole vaulter but not know, because she had never tried.

He said: “I laughed at how ridiculous it was and it got me to thinking about how you go about having a go at these sports to find out if you are any good.”

Mr McClure, 29, of Long Lane, Littlemore, wants to try all 136 Olympic evebts he would be eligible for to raise funds for Oxford’s Sobell House Hospice.

He also wants to try them all before the 2008 Olympics open in Beijing.

He said: “I am looking forward to pole vaulting and am hoping to find someone who can teach me how to do it.”

Since the end of this year’s Olympics in Athens, Mr McClure, a former professional golfer, has tried badminton and table tennis as Olympic events.

He said: “I am looking forward to pole vaulting and finding out how that works. I’m thinking mainly of the events I’ll be afraid of.

“I have a fear of heights and of deep water, so I’m not looking forward to the 10m platform dive.

“I’m finding it a challenge to run a mile and I have to train to run a 26-mile marathon.”

Mr McClure also does not have the riding experience necessary for the equestrian events.

“I’m looking for someone who can lend me a horse and the equipment and teach me how to clear jumps,” he said.

Mr McClure also needs sailing equipment and gym membership. He chose Sobell House as the charity which would benefit from his endeavour because his father-in-law, who died of brain cancer, spent the last two months of his life there.

Holly Goodall, of Sobell House, said: “What Mr McClure is doing is great. I’ve been looking at the list of events wondering how he is going to do them, but he seemed to be really well organised.”

If you want to sponsor Mr McClure, or offer him equipment or coaching, call Sobell House on 01865 857007.


SwissToni said...

I love that the best thing that can be said about you is that you "seemed" to be really well organised!

Good for you, superstar!

John said...

I'm an economist (apparently) - I make a living from seeming to know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

I think the article's CLASS
Good luck with the rubber band idea.
hope mine arrives before Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You look like the hottest guy this side of the black stump . . wot a dude!! Go for it!