A word to my sponsors...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I had blisters on my feet from walking into work two days in a row before I’d properly broken in my running shoes; John went to the shops and got me some plasters so I could walk again without wincing.

I couldn’t tell how far I was walking; John gave me a pedometer.

I had trouble with this site because I’m a bit thick sometimes; Sozz talked me through it and showed me how to make it better.

I didn’t know anyone at the local newspaper that I could call and tell my story; Leon got me hooked up.

I went to the hand surgeon to see if he could fix my dodgy finger – he couldn’t – but he offered to put up some flyers in the hospital asking people to visit the website and sponsor me.

I’ve needed opponents and partners; John, Gareth, Katie, Jo, Rob and Huw have all mucked in.

Thanks to you all, and everyone else not named above, for your help and support so far.


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